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Bavraj Dhahan

Position: Supply Chain Manager - Western Canada
City: Vancouver
Postal Code: V6B 2S8
Office: (778) 331-8999
Cellphone: (778) 960-0814


Bav is a graduate of Sauder Business School, where he achieved his Bachelor of Commerce with a specialization in Transportation & Logistics in 2012. During his studies he kept himself busy working Freelance as a Computer and Network Technician. Bav then completed a contract position at Container World where he helped them create an automated invoicing system, as well as standard operating manuals for a number of different functional areas around the organization. More recently, Bav worked as an Outbound Logistics Analyst for Lululemon just before joining our team.

In his spare time Bavraj enjoys playing basketball and tennis, continuing to improve and learn more about technology. He also has a strong interest in cars and music