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Richard Dittmar

Position: Vice President & Managing Partner
City: Toronto
Cellphone: (647) 533-9463


Richard can often be heard saying "I cannot believe I get paid for this" when talking about the wine industry. A 25 year industry veteran, Richard has traveled to every major wine producing region in the world. In his role as VP and Managing Partner for Ontario and Atlantic Canada, Richard maintains close contact with Trialto Winery Partners and major customers such as the LCBO. Richard believes that the wine industry is the best industry imaginable and there is never a day when it feels like a job. The Trialto profile for family owned wineries that are usually multi-generational makes it a pleasure to build relationships with our winery partners. Outside of the office Richard will spend time at his cottage on Ox-Bow Lake in Muskoka (where he grew up), golfing, fixing up the house or enjoying a great meal of fresh seafood or authentic barbeque, usually accompanied by members of the Trialto team. Richard maintains a personal philosophy of never looking back, enjoying life to the fullest, and taking in every moment with passion.