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Rolando Cardeno

Position: Senior Accountant
City: Vancouver
Postal Code: V6B 2S8
Office: (778) 331-8996


Rolando Cardeno is currently Trialto's Senior Accountant and has been with the team since May of 2014. Rolando has obtained his Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from the University of Liverpool in 2016 and is a designated Chartered Professional Accountant, Certified Management Accountant (CPA, CMA) since October 2011. Prior to being with Trialto, Rolando has had years of accounting and administrative experience within both the profit and non-profit sectors. Such experience includes Rolando providing Executive Director responsibilities for the Commercial Drive Business Society and the Italian Day Festival Society. There, Rolando has helped develop and promote local small business owners through various administrative, promotional, and community initiatives - including the annual Italian Day event that has attracted more than 120,000 visitors and hundreds of volunteers.

By having the opportunity to network with various local business professionals and volunteers, Rolando has obtained a genuine interest towards various educational topics and issues, including leadership and corporate social responsibility. As such, Rolando can likely be found diving into various thought-provoking business literature and articles while enjoying a cup of coffee in a local cafe. With his interested fellow teammates at Trialto and as a natural advocate of personal & professional development, Rolando continues to share his insights and knowledge as he too grows as a business professional.