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ZIND-HUMBRECHT ZIND-HUMBRECHT - Riesling Alsace Grand Cru Brand - 2015

ZIND-HUMBRECHT Riesling Alsace Grand Cru Brand 2015

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96 Points

A touch of flinty reduction still hangs over the nose, subduing the varietal aromas. But this is only a sign of youth, as is the residual carbon dioxide on the palate. While very young, this holds all it needs for a promising future: A bright core of juicy fruit—think tangerine, tart red apple and ripe yellow pear—as well as the vividly clean and racy freshness of bright lemon. This is concentrated and rather powerful, rapier-like in its cleansing, dry finish but also generous on its fruity midpalate. This is confident and self-assured and stands tall with its powerful structure and body. Leave this to calm down and become itself. 

December 2017

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