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LA POSTA LA POSTA - Malbec Pizzella - 2015

LA POSTA Malbec Pizzella 2015

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92 Points

Opulent, generous, energetic. 
The La Posta wines are selections of Laura Catena of Mendoza's famed Bodega Catena Zapata. The new labels on these wines are nothing less than spectacular. 
A generous style of Malbec, as showy as its label, it offers plush vanilla, licorice, allspice, violets, mocha and pipe tobacco, vividly underscored by juicy black raspberries. It is punchy and unapologetic on the palate as well; supple weight, generosity of fruit and warm brown spices mimic the nose. Overall, an opulent, concentrated and energetic style.

Pair: BBQ, meat, portobello burgers, chili-dogs and hard cheeses.

Daenna Van Mulligen, April 2017

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