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ARTAZU (par/by Artadi)

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In 1996 we began working the vineyards and making wine in the village of Artazu. While quite small, this exemplary village is full of winemaking history and notoriety.

Its clay-calcareous and sand-clay soils, together with a harsh climate full of contrasts, shape the peculiarities of this unique region.

Our obsession: Garnacha

This is an ancient variety, is degraded by some, but for us it is a grape full of charm and authenticity.

We own 40 hectares of estate-grown Garnacha located in two villages with rooted winegrowing tradition: Artazu and San Martín de Unx.
Within these villages, we produce mature, fresh and elegant wines. Wines full of energy and authenticity. These are wines with message and bequest; unforgettable wines.

A hard and laborious viticulture in old vineyards, combined with a nearly lost inheritance make this project the perfect symbiosis between the “forgotten” and the “missed.”

Feelings and wines full of presence and the avant-garde.


This is a wine to discover sensations of deepness and authenticity from the old vineyards of Artazu. With this wine we have attempted to re-establish the Garnacha grape variety from a village that has a great tradition in viticulture.

Limpid colors and live transparency. In this wine we notice the expression of energetic red fruit that vibrates in the palate firmly.


This wine has its origin in the village of San Martín de Unx. Our aim with this wine is to show the personality of this charming medieval village of a long winegrowing tradition.

The vineyards with which this wine is made are located on the plots of Zarramendi and La Plana. Their soils are nutrient-poor, comprised of clay-limestone and rest on a hillside located at 600 meters in elevation under a great Atlantic influence.

This is an energetic and fruit-forward wine, with delicate and fresh notes.