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November 2013

"Avize is one of the truly great villages in Champagne and is home to a number of world-class growers. In that context, Denis Varnier's wines, informed by a number of old-vine parcels, stand out for their depth, vinosity and breadth. The trademark Avize minerality is alive in the Varnier-Fannière Champagnes, but all the flavors seem to live in a rich, multi-dimensional world here."

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Grand Cru Brut

* Suggested retail price
9 case(s) available *Commander maintenant*
Product code Product code 416115
Format Format 6x750ml
Listing type Listing type Speculative
Status Status Available
Country Country France
Region Region Champagne
Classification Classification
Varietal(s) Varietal(s) Chardonnay 100 %
Alcohol percentage Alcohol percentage 12%
Color Color White
Closure type Closure type Cork
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Grand Cru Brut

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Varnier-Fannière's Champagnes are archetypal examples of grower Champagne. The wines are distinctly individual, precise, and clean. Winemaking is artisanal and old-fashioned, including full malolactic fermentations and the back- straining operation of an old Coquard press. Interestingly, the wines are bottled at about 10-15% less pressure than most producers. Denis loves the vinous quality that this practice lends to the finished wines.

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